Saturday, November 13, 2010

When I Have a GOOD Shopping Experience

Some time ago I went to Wet Seal and made out like a bandit. (I don't remember if I mentioned this at that time.) I finally found pictures of the two major purchases-well, that are main parts of outfits. I also bought two pairs of black leggings, some tanks, a olive greed sweater, a short sleeve cropped bomber jacket, a purple plaid pea coat and a black pea coat with ruffles at the hips.

During the trip, my mom was helping me, letting me know how things looked. While I was trying things on, there was two girls trying on things in the room next to me. My mom saw a couple of the things they had tried on, liked them, showed them to me...and one thing led to another and I ended up buying a few of the things they had tried on!!

Below are two of those items!

This top is actually lacy (see through) so I wear it over one a Wet Seal tank top--they are so long they go past my backside. With leggings and a pair of ballet flats...Super Cute!
When I wore this on campus, a had a black guy tell his friend (as I walked by) "Look at that sexy chick." Yeah, I felt good! ;-)
This dress if FANTABULOUS!! I love it! The black solid panels are actually ruched. When I first saw it I thought that they panels would make my hips look wider...but they don't! The whole outfit has a slightly futuristic feel to it...and it's awesome!!! (I wear it with a colored tank under it, black leggings, and gray jersey boots--the boots are a similar shape to UGGs but are totally different materials.

I can't wait to go back and see what I can find as they get new stuff in.


Monday, November 1, 2010


My weeks have been super crazy with holidays and family stuff...please be patient with me as I try to get back on a schedule.

I got a 99% on my second Cultural Anthropology test.

I got a 92% on tonite's Criminal Law test.

I bought a cupcake decorator tube thingy and had fun decorating cupcakes on Saturday.

I had fun dressing up as Cleopatra for Halloween.

I am SUPER far ahead in Keyboarding...we're talking...COMPLETELY DONE!! I am starting on work for Keyboarding II...and as long as I get the same teacher...she'll accept the work next semester! SO COOL!

Ok that's all for now...and I need to go do bed ASAP!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Busy Bee

This last week was straight up craziness!! I haven't had that crazy of a week since I started school!

Monday--Pretty normal day except that I completely finished everything necessary for my Keyboarding 1 class, minus the last two tests. If you wanna know what I am doing about this class--e-mail me, because I am still going to have something to do. ;-)

Tuesday--Business Math class and then I had to take the bus off campus to my chiro appt. and then I had a date. He was a fun guy and I really enjoyed his company. (Of course, then, after a few days of texting, he has suddenly dropped off the face of the earth. Why can't people text you and let you know that they might be MIA for a while for one reason or another, rather than just ignoring me. Story of my life.)

Wednesday--I had school stuff to do before even my first class, then after my 11:00 class I ate lunch and then took a couple buses to get over to the city library where I picked up a few books--ok, 7--and then got a burger & fries (and root beer) from a nearby burger joint (and it was actually pretty darn tasty), then back to campus for my Cultural Anthropolgy test. Waiting, patiently, until next Wednesday to get my score.

Thursday--11:00 class, lunch, then I had to wait until 5 for my next class. What did I do? Checked out the new paperback/reading room. ( I sat in there reading for the next 4.5 hours. I literally read one Harlequin Intrigue novel and started another. It was so relaxing in there...except for it being cold when I had my jacket off but then sometimes feeling too warm with my jacket on. Weird.

Friday--just cleaning up my room.

Saturday--worked on painting my Lollipop Ring Toss board for the Harvest Festival at my church. I finally feel like I have the chance to breath...and I am bored out of my mind!!

Why is it that I LIKE to stay busy?

I am strange!


Thursday, October 7, 2010


I have been trying for ages to explain these shoes to y'all...and I finally found a pic! My pair are old so they are not at nice looking (they have a slight dingy tint that I don't know how to clean because they are canvas but have sequins--don't know if I could really throw them in the wash.)

Well, I found the pic via e-bay! When I found the pic I found pics of the same shoe in other styles. I knew they had had other styles because when I bought mine many years ago (in FL) I had tried on a pair of black ones and camo ones. Unfortunately, I was a poor college student on a super limited budget and could only get one pair. Being that I had more to match the khaki...I bought those.

However, I always wanted the black ones too!!

And guess what I found on e-bay (not used!) in my size!!!

You got it!! BLACK ONES!!

I was so excited that I called my mom! I just had to have them! But I don't have an e-bay account!! The sweetheart she is, my mom told me to use her account to buy them and I'll just pay her back the $20.

I am super happy!!! It is very hard for me to find shoes so when I find some that fit right...I want them in every color necessary for my wardrobe! HAHA!!!

Now I just need to be patient and wait for them!!


I Copy Myself

Today's outfit is literally the same idea as yesterday. The difference?

Today's pants and cami are dark heather gray and the henley is a deep brick red with an interesting "wash" to it. (Literally, there are speckles of an orange-y color in the shirt!) I can't even find the name of the color online because they don't have it!! Crazy!!

But this outfit is so dang comfy!! And the color combo is amazing!!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Comfy Fall-ish Outfit

Today's outfit:
(The weather is actually slightly crisp--and the buildings are always kind of chilly--so I can actually, finally, get away with long sleeves!)

Henley from Target
Cami from Anchorblue

Jersey Pants (brown) from Target
I am NOT wearing sandals like shown with the pants. I am wearing a tan slip on shoe with stars made from sequins and sequins on the side. I can't find a pic of them online because they are really old. I will have to try to take a pic of them sometime. They are comfy and they fit nicely over my ankle brace. Still on crutches but hopefully by this weekend I will be off them (just still using the brace).

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oh my goodness! It is soooo windy outside!! Mom has this tall bush in a half-barrel planter and the wind knocked it clean over!! It's crazy!!! The wind was also practically bending one of our new trees in half! Mom tied it the opposite direction and we are just praying it stays.

To add to all that...I can barely walk when it's this windy!!!



(I'm going to try to post a pic of the fallen over plant when Mom gets them put on the computer. It's nuts!!)